Honor Code

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This Honor Code was last updated on April 14, 2021

    Honor Code

    Academic integrity is important to Edflic and our institutional partners. Your commitment to academic integrity shows respect for your own work and the work of your peers.

    You need to follow Eduflic’s Honor Code to maintain Eduflic’s standard of academic integrity: Register for just one account. Your account is connected to your email address. In case you register on our site with more than one email address, you are registering for more than one account. If you have already registered for more than one account, please contact us to remedy this. 

    Your responses to assignment, tests, and exams should be your own work (aside from tasks that unequivocally grant cooperation). You may not share your answers for assignments, tests, or exams with any other individual except if unequivocally allowed by the teacher. This includes anything composed by you, just as any official solutions given by the course staff. You may not take part in whatever other exercises that will insincerely improve your outcomes or untrustworthily improve or harm the consequences of others. 


    Plagiarism is when you duplicate or imitate words, thoughts, or some other materials from another source without offering credit to the first creator. Plagiarism additionally incorporates the act of utilizing or permitting someone else to modify or reexamine your work, and afterward presenting the work as your own. Students may discuss tasks among themselves, or with a teacher or tutor‚ yet all assignment submissions should be unique works done originally by the student. Plagiarism is unacceptable in any academic climate, and is a serious infringement of the Eduflic Honor Code. 

    Assuming some or the entirety of your homework is flagged as plagiarism, the following actions may be taken: 

    -You will be advised that your homework was discovered to be copied, and a report of the plagiarism case will be given to Eduflic. 

    -You will fail the copied submission. In case your submission previously got a passing score, the score will be returned to zero. 

    -In the event that the failed assignment adequately lessens your course score to a non-passing grade, the certificate will be withheld or revoked. 

    -Expulsion from a course or learning program. 

    -No discounts will be given for Course, Certificates, or Degrees that are withheld or revoked because of plagiarism. 

    We understand our learners come from many different academic backgrounds and many are unfamiliar with our academic standard for plagiarism, and a violation of our policies may have been a one time mistake. If your assignment has been found to have been plagiarized, you will receive an email notification detailing next steps. 

    Nothing in this policy shall restrict the applicability to you of any institutional policies established by our content partners in connection with their content (e.g., student codes of conduct); such policies shall supplement this policy and to the extent there is a conflict between such policies and this policy, as between you and our content partners, our content partner’s policies shall govern. 

    You can report Honor Code violations by contacting Eduflic support.