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Nanodegree in Retail Management

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About Course

Course Description

The course was developed to align with the Western Association of Food Chains (WAFC) learning outcomes for their Retail Management Certificate. It is intended to be a capstone course and covers various aspects of retail management and store operations including merchandising, operations, layout, store organization, site location, and customer service.

Retail is a growing, fast-paced, and diverse industry with many opportunities for advancement. Careers are available in all areas of business and with over 42 million people employed, and responsible for 1 in 4 jobs in the United States. Retail is a great place to be. Students gain the knowledge, skills, abilities and confidence that empower them to become successful leaders in retail and service oriented companies.


A verifiable certificate in PDF format is available to download after fulfilling all the course requirements.

Who This Course is for

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to gain the knowledge, skills, abilities and confidence that empower them to become successful leaders in retail and service oriented companies.

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Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Retailing
This module introduces us to the many aspects to the retail experience and process for us to examine and better understand.

  • Why It Matters: Introduction to Retailing
  • Introduction to Retailing
  • Retailing
  • Supply Chains
  • Challenges in Retailing
  • Introduction to the Evolution of Retail
  • Historical Changes in Retail
  • Information Systems in Retail
  • Adaptation in Retail
  • Introduction to Careers in Retail
  • Key Roles in a Retail Business
  • Why Working Retail Is Tough
  • Retail Management Requirements
  • Skills of a Retail Manager
  • Introduction to Strategic Planning in Retail Management
  • Microenvironment vs. Macroenvironment
  • Strategic Planning in Retail
  • The Retail Mix
  • The Retailing Concept
  • Putting It Together: Introduction to Retailing
  • Discussion: Introduction to Retailing
  • Assignment: Retail Challenges

Module 2: Retail Environment Analysis
Why evaluate different types of retail institutions?

Module 3: Multi-Channel Retailing

Module 4: Identifying and Understanding Customer Behavior

Module 5: Strategic Retail Planning and Management

Module 6: Trade-Area Analysis and Site Selection

Module 7: Information Systems in Retail and CRM Software

Module 8: Retail Human Resources
Human resources management and structuring a team are huge components of a successful business. As a retail establishment grows larger, these areas become even more relevant.

Module 9: Financial Strategies in Retail
Distribution channels are the ways that products or services get to the end user and all the activities that bridge the producers with consumers.

Module 10: Retail Operations: Managing the Store
Effective employees are the backbone of any company.

Module 11: Merchandise Management

Module 12: Retail Pricing and Sales Strategies

Module 13: Retail Image: Layout and Visual Merchandising

Module 14: Integrated Marketing Communications and Promotions

Module 15: Customer Service Strategies
Why learn about customer service strategies?

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