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  • Course level: Intermediate
  • Duration 4400h
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  • Last Update October 1, 2021

About Course

Launch your career by pursuing your dream job human resource management through our human resource management program.


Course Description

This is a nanodegree in Human Resource Management. In this course, students are introduced to the field of human resources management and learn about the legal and social implications of managing employees. Students will learn strategies to plan, recruit, compensate, develop, and engage a company’s workforce. The course covers additional topics including unions, employee safety, corporate social responsibility, global HRM, and small business HRM.


A verifiable certificate in PDF format is available to download after fulfilling all the course requirements.

Who This Course is for

This course is aimed business at business leaders, startup founders, HQ managers, financial managers, and general business students.

What Will I Learn?

  • Identify the laws relevant to avoiding discrimination in human resources management and discuss how to develop and support a diverse workforce
  • Describe the processes of job analysis, job design, and employment forecasting and discuss their importance in workforce planning
  • Assess various recruitment and selection strategies, processes, and laws
  • Assess various onboarding, employee training & development and career management strategies
  • Evaluate various methods of performance management and employee appraisal
  • Differentiate between union and non-union organizations, and discuss the importance of union–management relations
  • Identify the laws and challenges around safety, health, and risk management
  • Identify the unique challenges and processes of managing human resources in small and entrepreneurial businesses

Topics for this course

242 Lessons4400h

Module 1: The Role of Human Resources?

Why discuss the importance and the role of human resources management?
Why It Matters: The Role of Human Resources
Introduction to Defining Human Resources Management
Human Resources Today
Introduction to Functions of Human Resources Management
Functions of Human Resources Management
Working in Human Resources
Training and Development
Getting a Job in Human Resources
Putting It Together: The Role of Human Resources
Discussion: The Role of Human Resources

Module 2: Human Resource Strategy and Planning?

Why learn about strategy in human resources management?

Module 3: Human Capital Trends?

Why learn about people analytics and human capital trends?

Module 4: Diversity in the Workplace?

Why learn about anti-discriminatory laws and methods to develop and support a diverse workforce?

Module 5: Workforce Planning?

Why learn about job analysis, job design, and employment forecasting?

Module 6: Recruitment and Selection?

Why learn about recruitment and selection strategies, processes, and laws?

Module 7: Onboarding, Training, and Developing Employees?

Why learn about onboarding, employee training, and development and career management strategies?

Module 8: Compensation and Benefits?

Why learn about various compensation and benefits plans and their effectiveness?

Module 9: Performance Management and Appraisal?

Why learn about performance management and employee appraisal?

Module 10: Building Positive Employee Relations?

Why learn to build and maintain positive employees relations?

Module 11: Employee Termination?

Why learn about the legal and social ramifications of employee termination?

Module 12: Employee Rights and Responsibilities?

Why learn about rights and responsibilities of employees and their employers?

Module 13: Union-Management Relations?

Why learn about unions and union–management relations?

Module 14: Safety, Health, and Risk Management?

Why learn about safety, health and risk management?

Module 15: Corporate Social Responsibility?

Why learn about the legal ramifications of ethics, social responsibility and sustainability in the modern business environment?

Module 16: Global Human Resources?

Why learn about opportunities and challenges of managing human resources in the global business environment?

Module 17: Human Resources in Small and Entrepreneurial Businesses?

Why learn about managing human resources in small and entrepreneurial businesses?

About the instructor

Lumen Learning courseware is based on open educational resources (OER). When we can find well designed, effective OER that are appropriately licensed, we use them in our courseware. When we can’t find pre-existing OER, we create original content and license it as OER (under a Creative Commons Attribution license).
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  • General business knowledge
  • Management experience is a plus
  • High school level of education

Target Audience

  • Startup Founders
  • Entrepreneurs of all levels
  • Business Managers
  • Financial Manager
  • HR Managers

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